Executive Director

Amanda Bennett was raised in Alberta’s Northern Peace River Country but has resided in Southern Alberta for the last 20+ years and brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the role of executive director. In addition to her most recent role as CBGA’s Alberta and British Columbia Grading Supervisor, her background in agriculture and administration compliments her role with the CBGA.

Amanda Bennett - Executive Director

Supervisor/Grader – Gary Hasson

Gary has been involved in livestock grading since 1979.  He was raised on a mixed farming operation in Ontario and still resides on the family farm.  Gary is one of the veterans of the Agency and is a continual ambassador for the Canadian Grading System.  He and his grading staff do their utmost to accommodate any special requests for additional carcass information, including beef grading tours, seminars and are always willing to discuss carcass grade and yield results. 

Gary is our Ontario Regional Supervisor. This position is responsible for the consistency in application of the Livestock Carcass Grading Regulations and the maintenance of delivery of beef, veal and bison carcass grading to plants under contract with the Agency within the designated region.

Supervisor & Grader, Gary Hasson

Bookkeeper/Administrative Support

Suzanne Chenier originally hails from BC and has been with the CBGA since 1996 providing administrative support to the Agency (Executive Director, President and Board of Directors), the bookkeeping duties, entering and management of all slaughter and grading statistics for Canada, and general office management.

New Amendment to Veal Carcass Requirements

The Canadian Beef Grading Agency (CBGA) is responsible for the delivery of grading service for beef, bison and veal carcasses in Canada. The grade names and grade standards for these carcasses are found in the document entitled ‘’Beef, Bison and Veal Carcass Grade Requirements’’.  The CBGA is also responsible for the administration of this document including the ongoing management and proposals for amendments to the document from time to time. To manage proposed amendments to the standards from interested parties, the CBGA has developed a transparent and credible process to ensure that proposed amendments are available for broad stakeholder feedback, the impacts are properly considered, a suitable public comment period is provided, and there is broad support for the proposed amendment. Once these conditions are met these amendments can be finalized in a timely fashion. Grade standard requirements outlined in the ‘’Beef, Bison and Veal Carcass Grade Requirements’’ document have legal force since the document is incorporated by reference into the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, administered and enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

What’s Changed? Increased Maximum Weight for Veal

A new amendment effective January 15th, 2020 increasing the maximum weight for veal is listed in the Beef, Bison and Veal Carcass Grade Requirements document published January 9, 2020.

The newly revised “Beef, Bison and Veal Carcass Grade Requirements” document is available as a printable PDF document.