Third Party Certification

Supporting the promotion of branded beef products.


The CBGA Board of Directors supports the promotion of brands and provides third party certification of brands.  Currently the CBGA has been contracted to provide assessment and monitoring of the following brands at the specified plants. 

Please contact us for specific individual brand specifications.

NamePlantLocationStart Date
Certified Angus BeefHarmony BeefBalzac, AB06/03/2021
Brant Lake WayguHarmony BeefBalzac, AB08/08/2024
Certified Angus BeefJBS Food Canada Inc.Brooks, AB10/02/2013
Chef’s ExclusiveJBS Food Canada Inc.Brooks, AB10/05/2023
Northern GoldJBS Food Canada Inc.Brooks, AB07/04/2016
1855 Black Angus BeefJBS Food Canada Inc.Brooks, AB24/06/2024
Angus PrideCargill FoodsHigh River, AB04/15/2002
Gordon Food Service Canada AAACargill FoodsHigh River, AB07/13/2005
Gordon Food Service SignatureCargill FoodsHigh River, AB07/13/2005
Sysco Butcher's Block Reserve AngusCargill FoodsHigh River, AB12/29/2008
Certified Angus BeefCargill Foods
High River, AB
Sterling SilverCargill FoodsHigh River, AB
Sterling Silver - Certified TenderCargill FoodsHigh River, AB05/14/2018
Certified Angus Beef - Ranch to TablePincher Creek MeatsPincher Creek, AB03/22/2024
Ontario Corn Fed BeefCargill FoodsGuelph, ON10/20/2008
Ontario Corn Fed Beef PlatinumCargill FoodsGuelph, ON10/20/2008
Certified Angus BeefCargill Foods
Guelph, ON01/22/2001
Northridge Farms AngusCargill FoodsGuelph, ON03/25/2010
Sterling SilverCargill FoodsGuelph, ON11/24/1999
Sterling Silver - Certified TenderCargill FoodsGuelph, ON05/14/2018
Ontario Corn Fed BeefNorwich PackersNorwich, ON03/15/2002
Certified Angus BeefSt. Helen's Meat PackersToronto, ON11/19/2008
Ontario Corn Fed BeefSt. Helen's Meat PackersToronto, ON01/01/2002
Ontario Corn Fed Beef PlatinumSt. Helen's Meat PackersToronto, ON09/04/2012
St. Helen's Angus ClassicSt. Helen's Meat PackersToronto, ON04/05/2010
Blue Dot CertificationAtlantic Beef Products Inc.Albany, PEI01/01/2014