Building Confidence from Farm to Fork



Our Vision

The Canadian Beef Grading Agency will uphold the responsibility to provide accurate and consistent grading service through a culture of continuous improvement, leadership, and consistent cost-effective service delivery including collaboration implementing proven technologies. This continued focus of improvement will ensure that beef, bison, and veal grading services in Canada are recognized and respected worldwide.

Our Mission

The Canadian Beef Grading Agency is a professional agency providing consistent, accurate, and cost-effective service in the grading of beef, bison, and veal for Canada. This focus on service excellence strives to have the Canadian grade standards obtain a respected position worldwide. This will be achieved through a continuous focus on service, innovation, and utilization of science-based quality and yield parameters providing a valued service to Canadian producers, the packing industry, retailers, and consumers.

Since 1996

Our Story

In 1996, the responsibility for the delivery of beef, bison and veal carcass grading services was transferred from the government to the accredited Canadian Beef Grading Agency. 

The Canadian Beef Grading Agency (CBGA) applies the Livestock Grade Requirements to place carcasses into uniform groups of similar quality, yield and commercial value. This consistent and recognized method of grade assessment builds confidence in the grade names. Individual grades convey quality and value for industry partners as well as consistency and predictability in the eating experience for consumers.

Canadian Carcass Grade Assessment

  • Assured Accuracy
  • Consistent Quality
  • Monitoring Labeling
  • 3rd Party Brand Certification
  • Crutial Data Collection

The Agency

The Canadian Beef Grading Agency (CBGA) is an industry-run organization that ensures impartial assessment of value for Canadian beef, bison and veal carcasses for quality and yield based on “Grade Requirements.” These Requirements are managed by the industry’s Livestock Grade Requirements Standing Committee (LGRSC) which is overseen by the CBGA Board of Directors. The CBGA Board of Directors is comprised of industry representatives including cattlemen, cattle feeders, packers and retailers.

What We Do

In addition to providing unbiased carcass quality and yield assessment to establish market value, the Grading services ensure integrity in the beef, bison and veal industries by:
— Assuring accurate and reliable carcass dressing and weighing.
— Monitoring box labeling to confirm that what is marked on the box, is in the box.
— CBGA provides additional value through the delivery of unbiased certification of branded programs based on quality and/or process verification.
— CBGA provides timely and accurate information about Canadian carcass grades. The national data summaries collected by CBGA provide crucial data used for industry analysis from farm to fork.


“proud of our Successes”

Since it’s inception, our not-for-profit Agency continues to successfully operate without government grants or funding.

Estimates show that privatization has saved the beef industry more than $1 million annually.

Our Certified Graders are essential workers within the beef, bison, and veal industries. They consistently utilize their experience and impeccable work ethic, combined with the adaptation of skills, to accomplish their tasks with high levels of productivity.