Canadian Beef Grading Agency
A private Not-for-profit corporation

The Agency

The Canadian Beef Grading Agency (CBGA) is an industry-run organization that ensures impartial assessment of value for Canadian beef, bison and veal carcasses for quality and yield based on “Grade Requirements.” These Requirements are managed by the industry’s Livestock Grade Requirements Standing Committee (LGRSC) which is overseen by the CBGA Board of Directors. The CBGA Board of Directors is comprised of industry  representatives including cattlemen, cattle feeders, packers and retailers.

Canada Beef Grade Stamps


There are 13 grades and 5 yield classes of beef in Canada.
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There are 10 grades a of bison carcasses in Canada.
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Canada Veal Stamp


There are 10 grades a of veal carcasses in Canada.
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Grading is intended to place carcasses into uniform groups of similar quality, yield and commercial value in order to facilitate marketing and production decisions.

Grading may be used as a basis for producer settlement.

Grading is not mandatory but the grade is the commonly accepted criteria used to establish market value.

Grading attempts to ensure that consumers have an improved product through greater consistency and predictability in the eating quality of specific grades of beef.

Grading Beef in Canada


In addition to providing unbiased carcass quality and yield assessment to establish market value, the Grading services ensure integrity in the beef, bison and veal industries by:
— Assuring accurate and reliable carcass dressing and weighing.
— Monitoring box labeling to confirm that what is marked on the box, is in the box.
— CBGA provides additional value through the delivery of unbiased certification of branded programs based on quality and/or process verification.
— CBGA provides timely and accurate information about Canadian carcass grades. The national data summaries collected by CBGA provide crucial data used for industry analysis from farm to fork.